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Modernize Management

Wealth Management with Family in Mind

Modernize Management is our fee-based wealth management service where the rubber meets the road. We take the Financial Blueprint and put it into action! During this ongoing service, we:

  • Review and discuss your Blueprint (financial plan) at every meeting.

    Many advisors only review your plan yearly (or sometimes not at all). For your Blueprint to work for you, it has to be built for your present and future. We review it at every meeting because we know that it’s important to understand where you are with your money now – not just someday when you retire.

  • Talk on a regular basis.

    If you haven’t already noticed, we love to talk! We invite you to call us at any time with questions. But in case you’re shy and don’t call us, we will contact you to schedule at least 4 “official” review meetings per year.

The Modernize Portfolio Management Process

  • First Step

    We get to know you and your family by learning your history with asset management.

  • Second Step

    Using a detailed process, we objectively determine your risk level and match it to your financial needs.

  • Third Step

    We create an asset management plan using our proprietary blend of economic, fundamental and technical analysis.

  • Fourth Step

    We work to achieve your desired outcomes by:

    • Not being a buy and hold firm. We believe that you are best served by avoiding large declines and being ready for market growth.
    • Actively managing your portfolio to protect your assets in periods of decline and capture opportunities when they occur.
  • Fifth Step

    Keeping you informed about the strategies and tactics we’re using to achieve your objectives through regular communication.

Why Quarterly Meetings?

We’re not a buy and hold firm because we believe that your plan and portfolio should change as your life and the market does. Regular meetings help us to:

Life changes happen so your plan should change, too. Keeping up to date on where you’re at helps us make choices appropriate to your current situation and future plans.

Yes, planning for the future is important. But so is enjoying your life now. We’ll help you make choices to live your best life in the present without derailing where you want to go.

This means reviewing your financial performance: savings, spending, borrowing and investing. But it also means helping you automate so you can set your plan on autopilot while building the retirement lifestyle you want.

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