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Your Financial Blueprint

What is a Financial Blueprint?

Your customized Financial Blueprint is our flat-fee financial planning services designed to create a solid foundation by organizing your financial chaos. Your Blueprint will help you maximize your life goals. Through the process, you will:

  • Get a clear vision for your future and an action plan (what to do next) to get there.

  • Learn strategies to automate savings, consolidate accounts, manage debt.

  • Create investment strategies customized for your risk tolerance and lifestyle.

  • Gain clarity about the role of your business in your short and long term plans.

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Whether you are a professional with a growing family or transitioning to your dream job, this process is perfect for you! Within 30 days we:

  • Discover where you (and your money) are right now.

  • Determine what’s most important to you and create the goals to get you there.

  • Identify how you make financial decisions; what you’re doing right and potential pitfalls.

  • Create your personal financial plan for saving, spending, borrowing, giving and investing.

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Whether you already own a business or are thinking about starting one, this process is perfect for you!

  • Everything in personal Financial Blueprint.

  • Determine how your business fits into your financial plan.

  • Help you choose and implement the right retirement plan.

  • Create an exit plan or transition plan to pass the business to the next generation.

  • Consult with your trusted advisors to ensure all parts of your financial plan and team are working together.

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