A Message from Modernize Wealth

A Message from Modernize Wealth

In turbulent and challenging times, it pays to draw on the lessons from history. While COVID-19 seems to have materialized overnight and has severely affected individual families and the country’s economy alike, it is not without precedent. Each adverse situation brings its own difficulties and this one is no different, yet we can look back and see hope for the future.

In the past twenty years we have faced two wars, the 9/11 attack, a financial meltdown, SARS, MERS, Ebola, ZIKA, and the Swine Flu. In each instance as a nation we have emerged stronger, wealthier and wiser.

Those of us who remember the towers falling wondered if life would ever be the same again, and where/when the next attack would take place. We remember scores of forecasts telling us that life in America would no longer be safe, we would need to learn to live with less, and that our freedoms would have to evaporate in order for us to stay safe. It didn’t happen – we came out stronger.

In September of 2008, as the markets collapsed, the value of peoples’ homes shrank and the nation’s largest banks needed funds from a beleaguered government to avoid economic collapse. Does anybody remember what their thoughts were during those horrible days? Did we accept the demise of our society, free markets and prosperity? Hardly! We emerged and prospered.

We hope that your family is staying healthy and managing the impact of COVID-19 with as little struggle as possible. Our commitment is to keep you as informed as possible on the impact to both your portfolio and financial plan as we navigate this difficult period together.

We are available should you wish to speak to us at length, at any time. We are deeply grateful for your continued trust in our team and not only will we survive this moment, but we will thrive, as we always have through the years, by working together for a brighter future.

Please also look out for new video content and webinars from us in the coming weeks and months! If you have anything you want us to talk about, please let us know.

The Modernize Wealth Team
Brandon, John & Jeff Hebert